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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

how to Clean Encoder Film MX439

If vertical lines always appear on printouts or print always shifts from the correct position, or if Error 5100 occurs during printer operation, the Encoder Film inside the printer may be smeared.

Follow the procedures below to check the film condition, and clean it when necessary.
Check: Check the Encoder Film conditions, Follow these Steps

1. Press the ON button to turn off the printer.
2. Unplug the power cord from the printer.
3. Open the Paper Output Cover.

A:  Encoder Film (the transparent thin film)
5. If the Encoder Film is smeared as shown below, it needs to be cleaned.

Cotton swab Water with a few drops of neutral detergent (2 to 3 drops of neutral detergent in 1/4 cup of tap water)
1. Moisten a cotton swab with the prepared cleaning water. Eliminate extra water so that no water drops.

2. Using the moistened cotton swab, wipe the Encoder Film.
(A) Encoder Film
(B) Rail
Keep your hands off the printer and clean the film with the tip of the cotton swab, as shown in the photo above. Change the cotton swab to new ones frequently.
3. Eliminate any stains or smearing from the film until the entire film becomes transparent and clear

4. If the trail of detergent is left on the film, clean it using a cotton swab that is moistened with just water.

If moisture is left on the film, eliminate it using a dry cotton swab, and wait until the film dries well.
5. Close the Paper Output Cover, and plug in the power cord of the printer.

6. Press the ON button to turn on the printer.
If an error occurs or strange sound is heard, contact your local Canon Help Desk.
7. Print the Nozzle Check Pattern, and confirm that the pattern is printed properly.
8. Print desired data, and confirms that the print quality is good.

If the problem persists, check and clean the Encoder Film again.
If the print quality is still not improved even after repeated cleaning of the Encoder Film, contact your local Canon Service Center or You can call us and ask for help on +1-855-517-2433

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